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In Search For the Best: Alphagreen Guidance on Selecting the Top CBD Brands

 alphagreen In Search For the Best: Alphagreen Guidance on Selecting the Top CBD Brands


Searching for a specific brand? Save valuable time by exploring our library of leading wellness companies. You'll find big brands, independent brands, world-leading brands, but one thing you can be sure they have in common - these are brands you can trust! We've sorted the wheat from the chaff to bring you the best in the wellness space. But what makes a good CBD brand? Here, we discuss what goes into hand-picking the best, most trustworthy names in the industry.

What Makes a Good CBD Brand?

 alphagreen In Search For the Best: Alphagreen Guidance on Selecting the Top CBD Brands

Brands - some make us wide-eyed with excitement, others make us wince, and we all have certain household brands that our kitchen cupboards wouldn't look the same without. A brand's reputation is important in influencing our buying decisions - from quality and price to safety and ethics. We habitually reach for certain brands in the supermarket because we know we'll get consistency every time. But in the world of CBD, that's not always the case. In a shocking UK-based third-party testing exercise, 11 out of 29 products tested were within 10% of the advertised CBD content, and another 11 had less than 50% of the labelled CBD content. Perhaps even more surprisingly, some products had higher than the legal levels of THC. So what can you do to make sure what's in the bottle matches the label? That's where lab reports come in. At Alphagreen, we do the hard work for you by only selecting the best certified CBD brands. When it comes to products designed to enhance your wellbeing, trust and integrity are of utmost importance.

What Are Lab Reports?

If a product has been lab-tested, it means it has undergone certain tests to verify its content. A cannabinoid analysis checks for the presence and concentrations of CBD and THC plus lesser known cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. This shows consumers that the product contains within the legal levels of THC, as much CBD as advertised, and also if a CBD product is classified as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. The results are displayed on a document known as a lab report of Certificate of Analysis (COA). There are two types of lab tests - in-house or third party, an agent with no vested interest in the outcome of the results. Lab testing is not required by law, so brands with COA's for their CBD products have gone the extra mile and taken the additional expense to ensure that their customers are receiving consistent and high-quality products. As well as testing for the presence of cannabinoids, lab tests can also detect things like terpenes and potential contaminants. Lab reports are used to provide a credible breakdown of what's in the bottle. Every CBD brand featured on the Alphagreen marketplace employs lab testing to ensure their customers are receiving exactly what's advertised.

Organic Hemp

In an ideal world, all fruits and veggies would be organically grown! Organic produce feels like a nice luxury, but when it comes to hemp, it's super important! Hemp is known as a bioaccumulator. In not-so-scientific terms, that means it's a plant that sucks up contaminants from its environment, whether it be pollutants from the air or pesticides in the soil. This is great for our planet but not so great for ingestion. Heavy metals and other contaminants can make their way into the final product unless the proper measures are taken. Organic means the hemp is grown naturally, without chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers that can be absorbed by the plant. Responsible brands will only source naturally grown, organic hemp to ensure their customers are getting the best product possible.

GMP Standards

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, which constitute a set of standards that are used for product manufacturing. A number of industries like food and beverages, supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics use these standards to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality and safe products. The guidelines include traceability, hygiene and quality management. GMP is especially important in the cannabis world, that's why our brands use GMP-standard facilities to bring safe and reliable products to the market.

Extraction Process

 alphagreen In Search For the Best: Alphagreen Guidance on Selecting the Top CBD Brands

You can grow the best CBD-rich, organic hemp but without the proper extraction techniques, that all goes to waste. There are different methods of extraction that brands employ to remove those valuable cannabinoids from the raw hemp matter; two common methods of extraction include:

  • CO2 extraction - This method uses supercritical carbon dioxide to separate cannabinoids from the hemp plant material. This is often considered the 'gold standard' in CBD extraction as it is more environmentally friendly and preserves a high concentration of CBD.
  • Solvent extraction - This method uses a solvent to separate the CBD from hemp material. The solvent is then evaporated, leaving the valuable cannabinoids behind. Solvents used in this process include petroleum, butane, and propane or more natural solvents like olive oil and ethanol. Problems arise if toxic or alcoholic residue is left behind if not carried out effectively.

So, which method is best? Although CO2 extraction is considered 'cleaner', one is not necessarily better than the other. CO2 extraction is expensive and may not be available to smaller brands, in which case solvent extraction or other available methods can give similar results if carried out with care. Again, this comes down to rigorous product testing and brand integrity so check the lab reports to make sure those beneficial cannabinoids are present.

Legal Levels of THC

 alphagreen In Search For the Best: Alphagreen Guidance on Selecting the Top CBD Brands

The benefits and risks of THC are a hotly debated subject, but in the UK and many countries around the world, THC remains classified as a controlled substance. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the stoners "high". To be legal in the UK, CBD must be extracted from EU-approved hemp strains with no more than 0.2% THC. CBD isolate products and THC-free broad-spectrum products should not contain any detectable levels of THC. These types of products are popular with sportspeople and others that may need to undergo drug testing, so it's extremely important that no THC is present. On the flip side, some people prefer to have trace levels of THC for an enhanced 'entourage effect'. This is the theory that the cannabis compounds work in synergy to boost CBD's beneficial effects. Whatever your preference, you can be sure that the brands on the Alphagreen Marketplace meet the legal requirements and their products can be verified via lab reports.

Final Word

At Alphragreen, we emphasise the importance of choosing quality CBD brands so our customers can shop with total confidence. We hand-select brands that recognise the importance of each step of the process and who carry them out with care and precision. If you're ever unsure or want to dive a bit deeper, we always encourage you to check out the brand's lab reports which can be viewed on our website. We hope that this article has helped you to understand what goes into hand-picking the very best CBD brands and products. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and one of the most well-researched compounds in the hemp plant. The CBD is extracted from the flowers, stalks and leaves of the plant and then diluted in a carrier oil.

Which CBD brand is right for me?

People use CBD for many different reasons so this will be personal to the individual. Why not scroll to the bottom of the brand's shop page to read about the brand's story, it's a great way to get to know the people behind the name!

What is a lab report?

Lab reports provide an important breakdown of the cannabinoid content of a CBD product. The lack of quality or content control on CBD products means lab reports are an invaluable document to verify what's in the bottle, including CBD, THC and other minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.